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The experience of a centennial company

q       Established in 1897

q       more than 70 employees

q       20000 sq. ft built area

q       active in the fields of car, space, watch and medicine industry


Our speciality: the technology of gears

q       Spur - helical - bevel - worm gears

q       Gearboxes of very high accuracy, with requirements of high torques and low backlash

q       Movements’ plates, posts, precision cases

q       Axes with grinded pivots, or burnished and polished

q      Flat carbide miniature drills and punches

q       Machined precision parts: drilled, grinded, stamped, polished


The strongest requirements for our products

q       Heat treatment under gas protection: hardening-annealing, hardening of stainless steels

q       Works for dial gage-indicators with accuracy of 1/1000 mm

q       Parts and geartrains for DC motors

q       Assemblies of instruments

q       Assemblies of miniature printed circuits and magnets

q       Plastics gears (low noise)

q       Production of pocket timers and coil spring motors


We manufacture products for the whole world

q       Measure instruments, sensors

q       Gearboxes for miniature motors

q       Counters and timers

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